I seem to deal with working in chunks - I file them as "projects" - it might be a way of drawing or a particular model or a new source of reference. Each project takes a while to get on top of but then seems to expand out into many possibilities. Many are best suited to single large objects but some ideas are best suited by multiple objects. Making just one postage stamp or flip book would seem silly. Museums and galleries are recent inventions and are great places to show art, but CD covers are also good, as are mantelpieces and books and invite cards and banners and city streets. It has been a frustration to see so much effort go into some of these projects, particularly exhibition catalogues and then find that they rapidly become unavailable except for a few in cardboard boxes in the basement. Online shopping suggested this new possibility of showing and making available some of the projects. 

Julian Opie

This web shop was conceived by Julian Opie as an outlet for the ever increasing number of items he makes alongside his artworks. All of the objects for sale, from postcards and badges through to statuettes and clothing, reflect his desire to break down the barriers between what is deemed to be 'fine art' and 'everyday'. As an artist whose influences range from 18th Century portraiture to commercial trade catalogues, it is not only the imagery that matters, but also the way things are presented and packaged. Each piece on this site is designed with the same care applied to Opie's artworks, however they embody the ethos that the work should be available to everyone, everywhere.

Contact: shop@julianopie.com